We need your help.

We’ve been working for twenty years as missionaries, and we’ve reached a place where we need to do things differently.

We’re passionate about helping people — all people — know Jesus and know they are deeply loved by a God who sees them. We’re also committed to helping our brothers and sisters in the church to awaken to the intrinsic value of every human being, even the people we disagree with politically, theologically, or in ministry. We are all still people made in the image of God.

As we’ve been reaching out to people to talk to them about Jesus, our influence and opportunities have continued to grow. We’re regularly coming across situations where we need a broader support network: financial, spiritual, and moral support.

Let me break those three categories down:

1. Financial. We’ve been coasting on not-enough money for too many years. It’s not sustainable, and it puts our ministry (and our family’s health) at risk. We’re looking for new people to invest in what we do. Of course any donation — large or small — will be gratefully accepted. Here’s more information about that. We’re trying to add 500 new investors over the course of the summer! Any amount you can give… even $10 a month… will be transformative for us and our ministry.

2. Spiritual. As we’re moving in more sensitive ministries, we need more prayer. Sometimes it’s because of the scope of the ministries and opportunities we’re a part of, and sometimes it’s because of the influence of the person we’re ministering to. A lot of times we can’t share these stories, but we need more prayer even when we can’t share the details. We need to build a stronger network of spiritual support. Whether we’re hanging out with a television crew, counseling a pastor, or training young ministries, we need your protection and prayers… that we would stay focused on moving people toward Jesus.

3. Moral support. Greater influence means greater opposition. The fact is, there are plenty of days when we find ourselves exhausted and beat up. I (Matt) have come to realize that part of this is that we haven’t built the moral support network we need. We need some people committed to checking in on us, sending an encouraging text, or just saying hi on social media.

Whether we’re working with LGBTQ youth, running a high school Bible study, sharing Christ with atheist friends, creating evangelism and other curriculum to help equip people, or reaching out to people who are suffering, we need your help, and want to invite you in to be part of our ministry.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.