1. What exactly do you do?

cru-logo-pngWe do a diverse number of things: we train missionaries who are arriving in new contexts (whether that’s overseas or in the city). We do a LOT of evangelism (we typically see about 40-50 new people come to Christ in any given year). We coach other ministers (pastors and missionaries), and we work to help our organization, Cru, to stay ahead of cultural issues theologically and culturally. Matt helps run our bi-annual national staff conference in Cru, too (typically about 5,000 ministers from across the US). Matt, of course, writes books and speaks at a variety of events throughout the year, as well.

One of our core ministry questions that we use to decide what to do day-to-day is this: How can I help this person move closer to Jesus?

2. Aren’t you rich from your books?

Hahahahahahaaaaa! No. I wish we were! The average book advance is around 5 thousand dollars… and I’ve been releasing about a book a year. My books have been a big blessing to us for filling in the gap where we’ve not had money, but nowhere near enough to make us rich (we are solidly in the lower middle class).

3. How much money do you need to raise?

We’ve not done a good job raising our financial support, and over the years we’ve lost support and not replaced it. We need at least $2,000 monthly to consistently cover our health care, salary, retirement, et cetera.

4. I don’t have much money. Does it really help you to get gifts of $10 a month? 

YES! I think a lot of times we make people feel bad if they’re financially strapped and they can’t give $75 a month to missions. Remember the widow’s mite! Any amount that is significant to you is significant to us, too! We’re thankful for every dollar that comes in, and thankful for you.

5. Is it okay if I want to give more? Are you still accepting donors who give hundreds a month, or large annual amounts, or things like that?

Of course. We wouldn’t be in ministry today without generous people who have been blessed financially and have invested in our ministry. We absolutely still need donors like you to keep our ministry going.

6. What are good ways to show appreciation to missionaries?

There are so many. One of our supporters recently sent us a nice card with an Amazon gift card as “employee recognition.” I can’t tell you how much that made us feel loved and remembered. Sometimes missionaries work hard to only share the good things going on in ministry, and we always like it when people remember we have bad days and hard times, too. Also: just communicating with us! We love hearing from people and knowing you’re thinking about us!

7. Can you give me advice about (insert personal ministry issue)?

We’d be glad to… just shoot us an email or a text and we’ll figure out a time to talk!